Capture your members' spending data and get a clear picture of their buying characteristics.

Capture data on every Visa® credit and debit card transaction your members make regardless of processor.

Good business decisions come from better information. VisaVue® Online (VVO) puts your latest transaction data and peer data from the world's largest retail electronic payments network* in your hands. Whether you need to acquire, retain, or upsell members, VVO gives you powerful insights on your card portfolio quickly and easily.

With every Visa credit or debit card transaction, your cardholders' spending data is captured regardless of processor, enabling you to create a picture of their buying characteristics. VVO puts this data to work so you can build your strategies on insights, not hunches.

* Based on payments volume, total volume, number of transactions and number of cards in circulation.


VVO balances deep insight with an easy-to-understand online interface. Access a library of pre-built reports with a click, customize them, or build your own from scratch. Pick the Level you need; upgrade or add new users as needs change.
  • Powerful Operational Reports - Monitor your performance in a variety of areas from Authorizations to Chargebacks to Fraud.
  • Critical Interchange Reports - See monthly net interchange revenue at a glance. Filter interchange by market segments, product type. Rate category. Compare your interchange data with corresponding data from your benchmark group.
  • Key Marketing Reports - Report your portfolio volume by Product, Market Segment, MCC, Top Merchants, Top eCommerce Merchants, Overall Volume Summary and Growth Rate.
  • Built-in Benchmark Reporting - Compare your performance to targeted similar issuer benchmarking groups.


With a variety of options for analyzing credit and debit cardholder usage, VVO provides valuable insight into your members' behaviors and trends.
  • Merchant Type - Know which market segments, merchant categories and merchants are performing for you.
  • Product - View performance of all your products in a single view or individually, based on your needs.
  • Product Type - Credit or debit; drill down to Prepaid, rewards programs, etc.
  • Spend Level - See at a glance which accounts spend more or less, compared to Visa peer info.
  • Performance vs. Peer - Benchmark your performance metrics against your peer competitors’.
  • Region - Break down usage by geography at a state, MSA or city level.
  • Transaction Type - Analyze the volume of sales transactions, as well as chargebacks and other transactions.
  • Time Period - Compare your numbers month-to-month, or year-over-year.
  • Interchange Fees - Track fees generated by each of your products, by merchant or payment category.
  • Transaction Locations - See the locations that are driving transactions by MSA, City, Store ID, ZIP, etc.
  • Cardholder Spending Zip - Identify groups of cardholders based upon their primary spending ZIP**
** VisaVue Online’s proprietary methodology allows users to cluster accounts by primary spending geography.

To learn more about how you can access the power of VVO, watch the interactive demo:

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