Innovative Card Fraud Management Products You Can Trust

Advanced tools and resources help protect your cardholders and your card programs. Attack fraud with a comprehensive and growing suite of products and services. We are dedicated to putting our expertise to work for you and to helping prevent and diminish your future risk exposure.

Products and Services include:

    SecureLock- Set Your Own Alert Rules to Detect Card Fraud

  • SecurLock Predict- Dedicated Fraud Analyst

  • SecurLock Empower- Take control of data compromises through a secure, browser-based tool

  • Disputes and Chargebacks- Disputes and Chargebacks-End-to-end fraud and dispute recovery management services for you and your customers.

  • SecurLock Manage- Modular account management tool that leverages strategies, behavioral scores and analytics in decision-making processes to reduce risk as it relates to your card portfolio.

  • SecureLock Warranty - Cut your debit and fraud losses with a one-of-a-kind fraud warranty solution. Learn more.

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