Discover your greatest revenue-generating opportunities.

We give you access to a powerful online tool that enables you to analyze critical data and discover your greatest revenue-generating opportunities. With Card Services for Credit Unions® portfolio analysis software Virtual Card Consultant™, improving your card portfolio performance and profitability becomes simple.

Virtual Card Consultant® Allows You To:

  • Conveniently access your portfolio 24/7.
  • Manage your credit and debit card plan data.
  • Compare your portfolio to peer and Card Services for Credit Unions® top performers.
  • Display easy-to-read graphs and charts.

Virtual Card Consultant® Provides Easy-to-Read Reports that Analyze:

  • Account growth
  • Penetration and activity
  • Credit lines, outstandings, volume and usage
  • Receivable aging
  • Revenue, expenses and profitability
Our Portfolio Consulting Services offer Virtual Card Consultant® training sessions to teach you how to make this free tool work for your credit union.

Virtual Card Consultant®