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Enhance your card strategy.

Programs to enhance your card strategy at every stage of the member life cycle. Relationship-building, cross-selling tools used to acquire, strengthen and retain member relationships.

From penetration to activation to usage to retention, we have you covered. Trust us for the card enhancements that help you strengthen member relationships and build loyalty.

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Get the stats on why loyalty programs are a no brainer with our Loyalty Rewards infographic. Click below.

Loyalty Rewards

Build relationships with a market-leading rewards program.

ScoreCard® is a market-leading, credit and debit card rewards program designed to increase transactions, market share and profitability on existing and new card accounts. With more than 6,000 programs in place, ScoreCard has an unmatched track record for acquiring, retaining, cementing and broadening account relationships.

Motivating and rewarding card usage with travel and merchandise awards encourages cardholders to choose your card first and often for everyday spending and major purchases. Your card portfolio becomes more profitable from increased transaction revenue, increased balances and the effects of long-term account relationships.


  • Obtain and score your transactions and promotions with a full spectrum of services
  • Increase the market share of you credit or debit card portfolio
  • Improve and retain long-term relationship accounts
  • A dedicated website for your members
  • Turnkey administration
  • Analytic reporting


  • Ease of Use - Cardholders accumulate ScoreCard Bonus Points for every net dollar spent on qualifying purchases. Cardholders see points add up quickly when their card is used for everyday transactions as well as large purchases.
  • Exciting Rewards - Bonus Points may be redeemed for attractive, brand-name gifts and travel rewards featured in the ScoreCard catalog and at www.scorecardrewards.com.

Ongoing Support

  • Marketing - From product launch marketing materials to growth and retention campaigns, we will assist in the promotion of your ScoreCard program. We also offer extensive marketing support such as webcasts, newsletters and more.
  • Training - Training for your credit union, before and after implementation, to ensure your employees are knowledgeable about all aspects of the program.
  • Member Service - Cardholders receive quality member care for program details and inquiries. In addition, we have a dedicated Travel Service Center to support all cardholder travel related needs.
  • Scoring Platform - Monitor your programs and perform cardholder maintenance and inquiries with an easy-to-use, web-based administrative tool.
  • Consumer Website - Cardholders can view reward selections, make redemptions, browse rewards and purchase any travel needs they may have.
For more information, email products@cscu.net.

Increase revenue and rebuild relationships.

The numbers speak for themselves. FastTrack™ has an average activation rate of 50% with 40% of those cards still active one year later.

By improving your credit union's ability to activate non-activated and dormant credit and debit cards, FastTrack helps you increase revenue and rebuild relationships. It's a compelling, incentive-based activation and retention program that pays for itself through interchange and fee revenue generated from transactions initiated by the program. Most important, FastTrack costs far less than the cost of replacing a lost relationship and account.


  • Market-leading, cost-effective program targets cardholders who have not activated their cards within a certain number of days since issuance and cardholders with no signature retail transaction activity within a specified time.
  • Attractive rewards and professional, compelling mailings combine to motivate consumer behavior.
  • Selected cardholders can qualify for one of three reward levels based on signature transaction activity during the program.
  • You pay only for the cards we activate; there is no cost for the mailing if the cardholder does not activate and use the card during the program.


  • Unmatched track record for activation, with an average activation rate of 50%
  • Increased retention and broadened account relationships through motivating and rewarding card usage.
  • Become the first payment method of choice for your non-activated and dormant cardholders
  • Cost-effective and worry-free; we do all the work at our fully automated operations center.
  • Increased outstanding balances (credit) and revenue.
  • Continued revenue generation for your credit union; 40% of activated cards are still active one year later.

The Fast Track to Proven Results

We provide every element of the FastTrack program to ensure a successful launch and administration. Every detail has been carefully designed, including professional mailings and marketing materials, a cardholder-scoring platform, monthly reports and cardholder support.

Enhance the appeal of your TOTAL card portfolio with a solution that works for both credit and debit programs. We show you how with FastTrack.

For more information, email products@cscu.net.

Promote the benefits of your card program.

Looking to take the guesswork and mystery out of direct mail card acquisition? Save money and add cardholders with start-to-finish management of the acquisition process.

ProDirect® includes database scoring, customized solicitation, response tracking, new account set-up and card mailing. Plus, debt-to-income calculations based on each credit union's criteria keep mailings UDAP/CARD Act compliant. Turning members into cardholders has never been easier.


  • Pre-approved direct mail solicitation program
  • Select and brand unique marketing campaigns to reach members and drive your card portfolio
  • Multi-touch marketing campaign builds familiarity with proven results
  • Increase your card portfolio and revenue growth with professional, cost-effective strategies and coordinated marketing materials


  • Increased interest income
  • Name brand recognition building
  • Turnkey implementation—we do all the work
  • Flexibility and reliability
  • Consistent decisioning
For more information, email products@cscu.net.

Anticipate future patterns to maximize revenue opportunities.

Readi-Review Plus™ thoroughly analyzes each cardholder's financial history and helps you anticipate future patterns by picking up data such as bankruptcy, late payments, charge-offs, increasing debt load, fraud warnings and other undesirable behavior.

With Readi-Review Plus, you have the information you need to respond to negative patterns before they impact your portfolio. Conversely, you can capitalize on positive patterns and increase your profitability.

Combined with the ability to incorporate credit bureau data from Equifax and Trans-Union into your reissue criteria, Readi-Review Plus equips you with an invaluable marketing tool that can both prevent losses and maximize revenue opportunities.
For more information, email products@cscu.net.

ePix is Designed with Customization in Mind

Maximize your credit, debit, and prepaid card programs with the ability to offer customization to your most important asset, your members. Card personalization is a benefit that attracts and retains more and more members every day so take advantage of this service and see what it will do for your credit union.
ePix from FIS is a simple and flexible solution benefitting you and your members. Take advantage of a custom website to align with your own, have ease of mind with fully-guided implementation, and choose from three service level choices.

Benefits for Your Members include:

  • Personal or generic image uploads
  • Photo ID options for added security
  • Custom logo and text uploads for businesses, organizations and more

Benefits for Your Credit Union

When your members use ePix, your credit union:
  • Increases customer loyalty and retention
  • Enhances member acquisition
  • Promotes cards to top-of-wallet status
  • Reduces or eliminates custom card stock inventory costs
  • Increases revenue by charging cardholder fees for personalized cards
  • Adds a competitive edge with product differentiation

Service Level Options

  • Full Function - At the highest level, this option includes everything from a custom consumer card design website, gallery selection, photo/ID upload, custom text, administration tools and more.
  • Gallery Only - This mid-level option includes a few less perks than full function such as photo ID and custom text.
  • Fulfillment Only - Being the bottom level, this option still allows you to have an image gallery and upload externally created cardholder images.
For more details on ePix from FIS, contact your Client Relations Representative at FIS or your Card Services for Credit Unions® Portfolio Consultant.

Enhancement products that strengthen relationships.

A solid card program is a relationship-building and cross-selling tool that can be used to acquire, strengthen and retain your member relationships. From penetration to activation to usage to retention, we have a program for every step of your card strategy.

You know your members and the services they expect. Trust us for the card enhancements that help you strengthen those member relationships and build loyalty.

Convenience Checks

Communication is key to building and maintaining relationships. With our convenience check programs, it's easy to tell your cardholders about the benefits of your card. Our programs also give cardholders every opportunity to access their line of credit.
  • LetterChecks - Based on your qualifying parameters, we send your cardholders a package that includes three ready-to-write checks and a themed, personalized letter announcing any targeted message you would like to communicate.
  • CheckBooks - Provide members an easy way to access home equity, other lines of credit and non-card accounts.
  • StatementChecks - Provides excellent repeat exposure with a convenience check attached to your cardholders' statements.

Marketing Materials

As a credit card issuer, you know the importance of credit card applications. That's why we offer applications with professionally designed marketing themes that can be matched up with other marketing tools such as lobby posters, take-one stands, table tent displays, employee lapel buttons and statement inserts. We can also give you a free quote on your custom pieces.

Just tell us what you're looking for, and we'll give you a competitive cost. A compliance department tracks regulatory changes, so you can feel comfortable knowing your applications meet disclosure requirements. We make it easy to market your credit card program.


From travel and security services to shopping and healthcare discounts, this program consistently drives in more transactions, larger transaction amounts and higher finance charges than non-Advantage portfolios. Advantage is available in three tiers to suit your credit union’s needs.


CardCentives motivates card usage. When you add any of the three CardCentives packages—Prime, Privilege or Premium—to your credit or debit card program, you'll experience increased loyalty and retention. CardCentives provides valuable member-pleasing features such as $1,000 identity theft insurance, extended warranty, personal shopper and more.

Credit Insurance

Life happens. Unexpected changes such as unemployment, disability, family leave or a death in the family can make it difficult and sometimes impossible for a cardholder to maintain good credit. With our Credit Insurance program, you can build relationships with your cardholders, increase revenues and lessen the chance of charging off loans due to unexpected and unplanned life events.

Extended Warranty, 90-Day Product Protection and Price Guarantee

Provide peace of mind and promote loyalty to your card with three consumer-pleasing enhancement programs that provide valuable insurance against early breakage, loss, theft or price reductions for the purchases cardholders make with your credit or debit card.

Travel Accident Insurance

Frequent travelers appreciate this valuable insurance benefit. As cardholders use your credit or debit card to purchase their entire travel fare, this enhancement provides them with up to $1 million of protection that automatically covers any common carrier accident anywhere in the world. It's worthwhile to everyone who travels, whether they are frequent-flyer business professionals or occasional leisure travelers.

Value-Added Checking

Value-Added Checking customizes your checking account program with a significant roster of worthwhile benefits, such as payment card registration; extended warranty; personal shopper; travel reservation services; vision discounts and much, much more. Not only will your checking account members enjoy this value-packed program, but you also will appreciate the added fee income for your credit union's checking account programs.

For more information, email products@cscu.net.