Flexible, easy-to-manage, profitable.

Innovative processing solutions and in-depth knowledge to help you minimize costs and create efficiencies in your merchant business—all from a partner you can trust. We provide a comprehensive suite of products and services with customized credit, debit, check and gift card processing solutions that are tailored for the specific business needs of your credit union.


Outsourced merchant processing services enable credit unions to offer credit and debit payment processing solutions for multiple industries, such as retail, healthcare, e-Commerce, utilities, online bill payment and many more. Our merchant processing solution is flexible, efficient, easy-to-manage and profitable for your credit union and offers valuable support services designed to help you gain a competitive advantage in the marketplace. These services include:
  • Visa® and MasterCard® transaction processing capabilities.
  • Authorization services 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
  • Fully programmed authorization and settlement terminals.
  • User-friendly training and instruction manuals.
  • Help desk availability 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
  • Professional services provided by a qualified and experienced staff.

Merchant Agent Referral Program

With the Merchant Agent Referral Program, you can offer your business members superior products, service and support without the liability. The program offers you a risk-free revenue stream, including up-front payments for new accounts generated from your referrals and a monthly residual revenue stream based on merchants' card activity. The Merchant Agent Referral Program provides you with:
  • A monthly residual revenue stream.
  • Zero liability.
  • Easy program implementation.
  • Dedicated service and support teams.
  • Complete sales and marketing support.
  • An Internet portal for reports and easy submission of referrals.
  • The comprehensive Valutec®gift card program.
  • The ability to brand support material, including online and paper-based merchant statements, sales and marketing materials, application forms and merchant agreements.
For more information, email products@cscu.net.