Building relationships. And confidence.

At Card Services for Credit Unions (CSCU), we understand relationships and what it takes to grow your credit union. Because we're owned and operated by credit unions, we have the insight and knowledge to stay on the leading edge of the industry. From our comprehensive product suite to our educational and marketing resources, we offer our members everything they need to confidently help their members. So no matter what change occurs, your credit union is prepared to adapt.

Serving Members Since 1989

In 1989, a group of 458 credit unions representing just over 1.3 million accounts united to form CSCU, a card-processing association dedicated to meeting credit unions' unique needs.

Just like credit unions, CSCU is a not-for-profit cooperative. A board of directors consisting of nine credit union presidents/CEOs governs CSCU, and members set our future direction.

CSCU is the nation's largest electronic-payments association exclusively serving credit unions.

CSCU works in partnership with Visa and MasterCard to ensure credit unions' voices are heard. As a principal member of these associations, our sponsorship allows our member credit unions to participate at reduced rates. Our president serves on the board of directors of Visa USA, giving smaller financial institutions even better representation.

Our History

  • 1989 - CSCU is formed by a collective group of credit union leaders to give 458 credit unions and 1.3 million accounts a stronger voice in card processing through Telecredit. Full service credit processing is offered.
  • 1990 - Telecredit is acquired by Equifax.
  • 1993 - Telecredit operations change names to Equifax Payment Services.
  • 1995 - CSCU establishes Pass-Through credit platform.
  • 1998 - Robert Hackney appointed president.
  • 1999 - CSCU becomes a Visa partner.
  • 2001 - Payment Services Division of Equifax is spun off under the Certegy name. CSCU establishes Virtual Card Consultant (VCC).
  • 2003 - CSCU adds approximately 1,500 credit unions to membership through expanded relationships with 42 credit union leagues.
  • 2006 - Certegy merges with FIS. Robert Hackney appointed to Visa Board of Directors, marking the first credit union representation.
  • 2007 - CSCU launches Portfolio Consulting Services (PCS). FIS acquires eFunds processing, strengthening CSCU's debit offering.
  • 2009 - FIS acquires Metavante, further expanding PIN debit processing capabilities and allowing CSCU to provide members with access to the NYCE® Network. CSCU distributes a "special mid-year Visa IPO patronage dividend distribution" of $28.9 million, which represents 100% of what CSCU received from the Visa IPO.
  • 2010 - CSCU assumes sales responsibility and establishes a sales team to take on a member-facing role. The PCS team is expanded and the CSCU brand refreshed to emphasize the focus on member service and relationships. The Marketing Resource Guide is launched.
  • 2012 - Marketing Idea Portal is launched. Members benefit from exploring ideas that have increased profitability for credit unions and have access to past CAMEO Award-winning marketing campaigns searchable by asset size, category and keywords. CSCU and Visa announce an agreement to promote to all of its member credit unions, representing more than 11.5 million accounts—more than one million of which are included in the November roll out. Project EMV is launched, offering everything from functionality and technology to reissuance strategies. CSCU joins the EMV Migration Forum.