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Tomorrow's digital solution...today.

Your members demand convenience, and digital solutions give them just that. Today's consumers need their payment options to work reliably from any device. Visa Checkout—a digital solution from Visa®—does just that, delivering the security, simplicity and personalization your members desire as payments continue to evolve.

Visa Checkout gives your members the ability to store most major payment brands, allowing them to make purchases easily from any device without having to enter in their information time after time. By simply entering in their Visa Checkout username and password, they can make payments easily and securely.

Benefits for Your Members

Visa Checkout puts your members in the center of commerce. Your members:
  • Experience a consistent payment process across channels.
  • Manage profile and payment methods.
  • Checkout securely and easily using one username and password.
And in the near future, new features may be added that will allow your members to better access and use Visa Checkout to simplify their payment experience across channels.

Benefits for Your Credit Union

When your members use Visa Checkout, your credit union:
  • Positions your card at the top of your cardholders' digital solution.
  • Reinforces its perception as a payments technology leader.
  • Reduces concerns about security, which drives transaction growth.
  • Gains valuable insights into cardholder shopping behavior.
  • Maintains and deepens member relationships by customizing V.me.

Marketing Materials

For the latest Visa Checkout marketing materials, visit our Marketing Resource Guide.

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Help your members skip the usual online checkout routine.

MasterPass™ by MasterCard® is a free digital wallet that lets your members bypass the chore of filling out online checkout forms at the tens of thousands of merchants with a 'Buy With MasterPass' button. With the ability to add up to 25 payment cards, shipping addresses, and more, shopping online becomes both faster and easier.

MasterPass is open, meaning MasterCard and other network branded cards can be loaded. The service uses MasterCard multi-tiered security features that help minimize fraud and protect their information so they can be confident that their information is safe and secure when shopping on the web.
Consumers want to transact when, where, and how they choose. With MasterPass, your members can now make purchases with a click of a mouse, a touch of the tablet screen, or (coming soon) a tap of the smartphone. Other conveniences include check out with the ease of the mobile-optimized MasterPass site, even if the merchant site is not yet mobile friendly. Over time, your cardholders will be able to make purchases quickly at point of sale with their phone or with other technologies, as well as benefit from value-added services such as coupons and targeted offers.

For your credit union

  • Drive to MasterPass sign up right from your credit union’s webpage
  • It's a cost-effective way to help accelerate your multi-channel strategy
  • Incur minimal costs for development and maintenance when leveraging MasterPass-hosted wallets
  • Increase transaction security with multi-factor authentication and enhanced fraud tools

For your members

Go to shopnow.masterpass.com to see the list of where your members can use MasterPass.

For more information, email masterpass@cscu.net.

Increase market competitiveness with mobile alerts.

Your members want real-time alerts—around the clock, every day—and you can provide them. Mobile transaction alerts are an excellent opportunity to broaden your communication and support channels.

With the introduction of Pass-Through Mobile Alerts, you can offer your cardholders a valuable service to increase customer satisfaction and retention. The Mobile Alerts feature is available for all credit, debit and ATM transactions processed by the Pass-Through system. Best of all, it is entirely contained within the Pass-Through system, which means that no interaction or setup is required with core processing systems.


  • Real-Time Alerts - Alerts are generated in real time based on the initial request for authorization of a card transaction.
  • On-Demand Balance Inquiry - As an optional feature, cardholders can receive a text containing their account balance by simply texting "BAL."
  • Branded Enrollment Site - Your cardholders can enroll in Mobile Alerts through a sponsored website that reflects your credit union's brand.
  • Pass-Through Web Integration - Mobile Alerts is specifically integrated into the card management environment, allowing institutions to leverage branch enrollment and back office support.
  • 11 Alerts to Choose From - ATM Deposit, ATM Withdrawal, Card Purchase, Card Status Change, Address/Phone/Name Change, Internet/Phone/Mail Order, International Transaction, Out-of-State Transaction, Pay-at-the-Pump Transaction, Declined Transaction, and Suspicious Transaction Alerts.


  • Expand Member Engagement - Interact with your cardholders on a more frequent basis, helping you increase brand recognition.
  • Mitigate Fraud - Alerts allow cardholders to stay in touch with their account in real time.
  • Attract a New Demographic - Alerts are attractive to mobile-savvy cardholders who seek out tech support tools when choosing a credit union.
  • Increase Cardholder Retention - Enrolled cardholders are less likely to move their accounts.
  • Achieve "Top-of-Wallet" Status - A stronger connection between your cardholders and their cards promotes increased spending.
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