A complete credit card strategy for your credit union.

We offer credit processing, services and enhancements as part of our ready-to-implement tailored solutions. Our powerful card programs give you the flexibility and tools you need to successfully compete.

Add considerable value to your credit union by managing risk and building profitability with turnkey solutions. Inherent in our innovative, strategic and cost-effective solutions is the flexibility to adapt to any environment. Through extensive research and development, we focus on achieving maximum efficiency at competitive cost while keeping you at the forefront of technology.

We offer you solutions for every phase of the relationships you have with your members. From penetration to activation to usage to retention, we have you covered. Utilizing powerful payments processing technologies, we offer the industry's most complete range of options. With comprehensive tools at your fingertips, you can build greater success through your consumer, commercial and business cardholders.


Our transaction processing solutions are fully integrated, providing a single point of authorization, transaction posting, settlement, reporting and access for all services. We support both Visa® and MasterCard®.

Security and Fraud Protection

Your members expect you to provide security. That's why we offer the most advanced tools and resources to help protect your cardholders and your card programs. Our comprehensive and growing suite of products and services position you to attack fraud.

Loyalty Services

Your cardholders are looking for much more than just a credit line—they want perks. When it comes to higher activation rates, increased outstanding balances and greater cardholder loyalty and retention, nothing compares to our loyalty programs.

Multi-Solution Provider

We offer both outsourced and pass-through card processing alternatives. Our outsourced alternative offers options including a full-service program, providing all phone and written cardholder services; a self-administered program, in which you service your cardholders; or an unbundled format offering you the choice of outsourcing many day-to-day operational tasks. With the pass-through program, we offer a number of optional services, along with processing credit union transactions. You decide what suits your strategy, and we can support it.


Your credit card plastics are with outstanding levels of quality, service and pricing. Certified, state-of-the-art production and mailing facilities are streamlined for fast, efficient turnaround. We personalize and fulfill both inventory and custom designed plastics in a completely secure environment. Our inventory of plastics requires no pre-purchase or inventory management on your part. Our plastics production volume works in your favor, with competitive pricing and faster turnaround times, and we handle Visa® and MasterCard® approval for card design specifications on your behalf.


With Card Services for Credit Unions® and FIS standing behind every transaction, card-mailing authorization and account service call, you and your cardholders can count on our commitment to meet your needs. We pay close attention to satisfaction, accuracy, speed and details at all levels. No matter which level of personal cardholder service is chosen, each interaction is held to our highest standards.

Electronic Reports

Our eReports provide the information you need—all from the convenience of your computer. eReports contain built-in security features, are more cost-effective than paper reports and save storage space. Our companion program, eArchives, provides a monthly backup of eReport files.

Data Warehouse

Having sufficient and accurate information is critical to making successful strategic decisions. Your senior management will have both using our data analytics solutions. This strategic tool assists with key decisions by providing portfolio profitability analysis, financial review and reporting, product performance analysis and risk management change analysis.

Accounts Receivable

The Collection System (TCS) provides powerful tools to ensure the efficiency and productivity of your collection efforts. Regardless of account type, the system is designed to deliver the options and functional flexibility you need to accomplish the ultimate goal: repayment.

Complete Payment Recovery Services, Inc. (CPRS) is a debt collection company wholly owned by FIS. CPRS helps businesses recover the funds owed to them by utilizing collaborative management platforms, proven strategies and agents thoroughly trained in governance, regulatory compliance, and customer service. As industry veterans (50+ years) CPRS is licensed and letter compliant in all 50 states and can collect any debt type as first or third party, consumer or business.

Business and Commercial Card Solutions

Capitalize on this growing opportunity with your business cardholders. Typically business and commercial cardholders demand more effective ways of tracking, managing and controlling expenses. We offer a wide range of solutions to fulfill their needs.

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