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Combining the convenience and acceptance of debit cards with the simplicity of cash gives prepaid debit cards limitless possibilities.

In recent years, prepaid (stored-value) cards have become a fast-growing and convenient way to access funds, make purchases and complete payments. They're safer than cash, more convenient than checks and easier to obtain than credit or debit cards.

Prepaid cards represent an opportunity for credit unions to further capitalize on the growth of debit cards, which have surpassed credit cards as the most popular form of electronic payment (by transaction volume). Prepaid cards provide a growing source of non-interest income portfolios, attract new members, and strengthen existing relationships. We offer solutions that enable you to take advantage of the unique nature of prepaid cards to reach non-traditional and under-banked market segments and expand your reach into the marketplace.

Complete, End-to-End Solutions

We understand that you need a dynamic payment card program to meet the evolving needs of the prepaid marketplace. Our end-to-end prepaid processing solution provides everything you need.

Whether you need a prepaid card solution for business or member use, feature-rich, end-to-end, market-ready programs provide you with affordable, easy-to-implement prepaid card programs that can start producing results quickly. Our systems and services support multiple types of open-loop distribution models for credit unions, resellers, commercial entities, retail and government. And because the prepaid cards are "open-loop", they are accepted at millions of merchants worldwide—an important distinction from other providers offering closed-loop, single-retailer prepaid solutions.


Prepaid has the potential to radically impact the manner in which organizations deliver value and conduct business today. We know that prepaid card programs are not one-size-fits-all propositions. Your business requirements are unique. With prepaid solutions, you have several program models to choose from for both reloadable and gift products. Each offers distinct levels of service, capabilities and features:
  • Custom - Robust functionality and full-featured programs
  • Packaged Products - An economical, streamlined approach offering quicker time to market and lower operating costs
  • Sponsor/Agent - A “light” approach to prepaid card programs in which a sponsor owns the BIN and assumes the risk as you generate revenue from prepaid card sales

Travel with EMV

Do you need to help your members travel stress-free? Are you looking for fresh ideas and creative solutions to help you find new members, keep those you already have and drive increasing profitability? You are not alone.

Our Travel EMV Card is a reloadable prepaid card funded with U.S. currency. It can be used at millions of merchants worldwide or online. And, cardholders can obtain local currency at millions of ATMs in 165 countries. Help your members travel with confidence.

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Offering you Prepaid solutions for every need.

Specialized Solutions:
  • Custom
  • Packaged Products
  • Sponsor/Agent
Single-Load Products:
  • Corporate Gift
  • Gift
  • Incentive
  • Mall
  • Rebate
Reloadable Products:
  • Benefit
  • General Purpose
  • Government Disbursement
  • Healthcare
  • Incentive
  • Payroll
  • Remittance
  • Teen/Family
  • Travel