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Global shift. Wallet-size solution.

The new global standard for smart card payments and acceptance devices. Learn everything you need to know about the EMV/chip to prepare your credit union for its arrival.

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The EMV transition is coming. Welcome to your on-demand learning center for a comprehensive EMV history and overview and critical credit union information.

Podcast: Judging EMV

Hosted by Barney Moore, Card Services for Credit Unions® Senior Portfolio Consultant


The Federal Reserve Board’s final rule on Regulation II, Debit Card Interchange Fees and Routing, created a significant hurdle for the migration to EMV debit cards in the U.S. Recently a federal judge vacated the rule, stating it did not adhere to the regulation’s intent.

What does this mean to you?

Listen to our free on-demand podcast, Judging EMV, and learn about the challenges created by the Durbin amendment in migrating debit cards to EMV, and the impact of the judge’s ruling.

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EMV Webcast Series • August - October 2014

EMV experts from CPI share their insights and answer critical questions through a 3-part series:

Part 1: EMV 101- Easing Into the Transition of EMV

Presented by Tony McGee, Customer Care Manager, CPI - Considerations, milestones and decisions needed throughout the EMV journey from an issuer's perspective. Key milestones explored include product training needs, product definitions, key ceremonies, card manufacturing and fulfillment. (Repeat of breakout session at SC14.)

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Part 2: Impact of EMV

Presented by Docia Myer,VP of Financial Sales, CPI - The perceived complexity of migration can be overwhelming and this workshop aims to take the mystery out of EMV. Key exploration includes deliverables and timeline for the EMV migration, production lead times, design considerations (rebranding/innovation, value add-ons (loyalty/reward) and lessons learned from Europe/Canada.

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Part 3: EMV Through the Eyes of the Consumer

Presented by Docia Myer, VP of Financial Sales, CPI - As the U.S. market migration to EMV continues, do we really understand how, in a complex payments market, we keep our focus on the customer experience? Taking lessons learned from previous global market migrations, this session aims to highlight best practice initiatives transferable into the US, unique marketing challenges in relation to the US and the benefits of industry collaboration in supporting the customer experience.

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Navigating the EMV Payments Ecosystem • July 2013

EMV experts from FIS share their insights and answer critical questions including:
  • What are the business drivers for EMV and how does it impact my organization?
  • What do the liability shifts and deadlines mean and will they change?
  • Advice and recommendations as to when and how to plan for EMV.
  • Regulatory and compliance impacts related to debit and Durbin.
  • What is FIS's development road map for credit, debit, prepaid, card production, network merchant acquiring and ATM?
  • What tools and best practices are available to help my institution in establishing a cost-effective card reissuance strategy?
A recording of this webcast can be accessed on the FIS Client Portal. The information is located on the home page within the Services area under FIS Client Webinar Series, specifically 2013 Webinars. If you need access to the FIS Portal or do not remember your login credentials, please email FIS.Corporate.Communications@fisglobal.com.

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Preparing for EMV - What Your Credit Union Needs to Know • March 2013

EMV and chip cards are one of the biggest topics in the card industry today. Join us and our partner FIS for a webcast that will give you a clearer picture of how EMV will be implemented and what your credit union can expect.

The webcast covers the following topics:
  • Timelines and milestone dates that all credit unions should know
  • What is FIS doing to implement EMV?
  • What is expected of my credit union to adopt EMV for my members?
  • What's next?
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EMV - Lessons Learned from the Canadian Migration • October 2012

Many lessons can be learned from the nearly decade-long Canadian migration to EMV. There are distinct and important differences between the U.S. and Canadian markets that will have a notable impact upon EMV migration in the U.S.

The webcast covers the following topics:
  • Learning from the Canadian migration to EMV
  • Key differences between Canada and U.S. EMV migration
  • Pros and cons of EMV options that need to be considered
  • Steps financial institutions need to take in 2013 and beyond
  • How FIS can provide guidance and help financial institutions prepare for EMV implementation
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EMV Chip Card Essentials • February 2012

With EMV smartcards, counterfeit card fraud is essentially eliminated. This webcast examines EMV's history, why EMV is the right choice for the U.S., and the schedule for its arrival on U.S. shores. This webcast also examines the different options for card issuers to deploy EMV, their relative value, and how to decide which option to take. The session will briefly touch on how the EMV rollout bears on another major payment technology in development: mobile payments and NFC-based payments.

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EMV 101 • August 2011

This workshop video provides a comprehensive overview of EMV, including EMV payment processes and how they differ from magnetic stripe transactions; an overview of the EMV ecosystem players; issuer EMV options and their implications for card acceptance; business drivers for EMV; and comparison of contactless EMV, contactless MSD and NFC mobile contactless; convergence of EMV, contactless and NFC.

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Insights from industry experts.

Industry analysis about EMV technology and its impact on card issuers.

Issuer Guide to EMV Migration • May 2013

As the payments industry plans for the U.S. EMV implementation, issuers are looking for support in understanding the key decisions when rolling out a program as well as the potential implications of those decisions.

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Smart Card Alliance Whitepaper • January 2013

Card payments roadmap in the U.S. How will EMV impact the future payments infrastructure?

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EMV: Background and Implications for Credit Unions • November 2012

From functionality and technology to reissuance strategies, we break it down to the basics and help you understand your options as you begin your planning process.

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EMV Essentials for U.S. Credit Unions • February 2012

A Mercator Advisory Group research brief sponsored by Card Services for Credit Unions®.

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News and commentary.

News and commentary from industry insiders and experts regarding the approaching EMV transition and what it means for your credit union.

What Credit Unions Should Know About Fallback Transactions • October 21, 2015

As more POS terminals are being upgraded to EMV chip-ready, and more credit unions are getting chip cards in the hands of their members, questions regarding fallback transactions are being generated.

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Six Things to Know About Chip Cards (EMV) • Mastercard.com • January 17, 2014

Carolyn Balfany, SVP Product Development at MasterCard explains what EMV is and how it will benefit the entire payments ecosystem.

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Visa, MasterCard Agree on Common AID for EMV Debit Routing • Payments Source • July 30, 2013

Visa and MasterCard have agreed to share their common application identifier technology, enabling EMV chip-based debit transactions to originate from a single application while allowing merchants a choice of networks for routing.

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Debit Networks Offer EMV Compromise That Would Allow Visa, MasterCard Apps • DigitalTransactions.net • July 24, 2013

A trade group representing most of the nation’s debit networks has agreed to allow EMV applications other than its own to work on chip cards in the United States. The new position taken by the Secure Remote Payment Council represents what the group calls a “major compromise” and opens the door for chip applications from Visa Inc. and MasterCard Inc., which the SRPc had previously barred. The compromise could speed U.S. deployment of EMV.

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Ten Debit Networks Adopt Common U.S. Debit Aid • cardnotpresent.com • March 19, 2013

The Secure Remote Payment Council (SRPc) announced that the 10 debit network members of its Chip and PIN Workgroup have agreed to adopt a common U.S. debit application identifier (AID) and work with Discover Financial Services to license the D-Payment Application Specification (D-PAS) as the foundation of the common U.S. debit chip payment solution .

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EMV Migration Forum Releases Standardized Terminology to Promote Consistent Communication in U.S. Move Toward Chip-Based Payments • smartcardalliance.org • March 5, 2013

To promote clear and consistent communication as EMV technology is introduced in the U.S., the EMV Migration Forum released its first official publication, The Standardization of Terminology.

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Debit Networks Pick Discover's Common Code for EMV Routing • PaymentsSource.com • March 2013

About a month after declaring dissatisfaction with Visa or MasterCard's options for a common code to allow routing options for EMV debit transactions, regional debit networks have chosen to work with Discover Financial Services.

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Debit Network Routing Debate for EMV Transactions under Durbin Simmers • Paybefore.com • February 2013

With less than three years to go before U.S. EMV liability-shift deadlines begin to take effect, payment industry participants beginning to make their plans are facing their first obstacle, as the U.S. debit networks wrestle with options for choosing a technology approach for routing chip-based debit transactions under the Durbin Amendment network non-exclusivity rules .

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Visa Expands U.S. Roadmap for EMV Chip Adoption to Include ATM and a Common Debit Solution • Visa.com • February 4, 2013

To help facilitate chip adoption and issuer compliance with U.S. debit regulations, Visa plans to provide some of its proprietary EMV chip technology to the industry. This approach will simplify EMV chip implementation for debit, reduce migration costs and increase flexibility for card issuers, acquirer processors and merchants.

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MasterCard Strengthens Commitment to Make U.S. EMV Migration Easier • Mastercard.com • January 18, 2013

MasterCard announced it is making some of the company’s proprietary technology solutions available to other U.S. debit networks to provide an option to support debit EMV transactions and reinforce the company’s continued support of the U.S. migration to the EMV standard.

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EMV: On Your Mark, Get Set, Start Planning! • CreditUnions.com • September 10, 2012

Recent announcements from Visa and MasterCard have set the stage for the U.S. implementation of EMV chip cards, driving toward widespread EMV adoption by October 1, 2015. Credit unions will need to roll up their sleeves and face new challenges to reach implementation goals.

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MasterCard Extends U.S. EMV Migration Roadmap to ATM Channel • MasterCard.com • September 10, 2012

MasterCard announced the expansion of its U.S. electronic payments roadmap to include the ATM channel. Beginning in October 2016, a liability shift hierarchy will be introduced for ATM transactions in the U.S. as part of an effort to globally align the use of EMV technology to prevent and manage fraud in the payments ecosystem.

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Bank of America Offers EMV Chip Technology • wall street journal • July 23, 2012

Bank of America announced that it is offering chip technology for many of its consumer credit cards, increasing the acceptance and security of cards for international travelers. The cards are embedded with a chip that stores the account information and enables secure payment transactions.

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EMV in the U.S. • Frequent Business Traveler • July 17, 2012

Chip cards are taking the place of both cash and credit cards and can contribute to lowering credit card fraud. Learn more about EMV’s “smarter cards” here.

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Calming the EMV Storm • FISTM • March 2012

All this talk about EMV has raised a number of questions among many financial institutions. The FIS Strategic Insights article, Calming the EMV Storm, answers questions such as: Why is there such a frenzy associated with EMV? What will ultimately drive EMV adoption in the U.S.? What are the cost implications for banks and credit unions? What are the opportunities? Where do we go from here?

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Answers to frequently asked questions.

These resources can provide additional information and answer frequently asked questions about EMV and its impact on the credit union industry.

EMV Chip Card Inserts

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Card Services for Credit Unions® & FIS EMV/Chip Card Mass Enablement Program FAQ's

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Chip Card Vs. Magnetic Card

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What is EMV?

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Debit & Credit Take-Ones

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3 Ways to Pay

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Visa Chip Technology Marketing Guide

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EMV Migration Forum - Standardization of Terminology document

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FIS has introduced a Web-based EMV Fundamentals training session. Course covers: EMV definition, benefits, and migration to the U.S.

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Have questions about EMV/Chip cards? We have the answers.

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Have Members Traveling Overseas Looking for EMV Cards? Offer a Prepaid Travel Card as a Quick to Market Solution

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What Are Chip-Enabled EMV Payment Cards?

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EMV Connection – A Smart Card Alliance Site

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EMV Frequently Asked Questions

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MasterCard EMV Resources

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EMV Marketing Materials - Visa International travel tips

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Implementation dates and deadlines.

Keep up to date on the payments networks detailed multi-year EMV migration schedule. Major transition events include incentives for terminal conversions.

October 2012 – PCI Audit Relief for Merchants

PCI Data Security audit fee waiver for EMV-ready merchants (75%+ transactions are EMV) from Visa and MasterCard.

April 1, 2013 – Acquirer and Sub-Processors Support EMV

Visa and MasterCard acquirer processors must support EMV transactions.

October 2013 – ADC Relief for Merchants (50%)

MasterCard EMV-ready merchants (75% of POS transactions) receive 50% Account Data Compromise relief.

April 1, 2015 – ATM Acquirer Processors and Sub-Processors Deadline to Support EMV

Visa ATM acquirer processors and sub-processors must be able to support EMV chip data.

October 1, 2015 – Fraud Liability Shift

Visa and MasterCard shift fraud liability to least secure entity.

October 2015 – ADC Relief for Merchants (100%)

MasterCard EMV-ready merchants (95% of POS transactions) receive 100% Account Data Compromise relief.

October 2016 – Fraud Liability Shift for ATMs

MasterCard shifts EMV liability to ATM hosts for inter-regional Maestro ATM transactions.

October 2017 – Fraud Liability Shift for Automated Fuel Dispensers

Extended liability deadline ends for fuel dispensers.