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The End of the Guessing Game

Cut the guesswork and get right to the heart of what really matters to your members with our Portfolio Analytics Solutions. You'll be able to develop smarter and more meaningful products and promotions by easily and efficiently analyzing critical data, capturing you members' purchase habits and behaviors and identifying portfolio trends.

Our easy-to-use suite of solutions helps turn valuable information into smart strategies that make you and your members' lives better.

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On demand information for your credit card portfolio.

You need accurate, easy-to-access, on-demand information to make critical decisions for your credit card portfolio and FIS Credit Portfolio Intelligence (PI) for BASE2000 and TBS provides you just that. Take a comprehensive look at your credit card portfolio and make the most accurate risk and revenue decisions with this revolutionary tool.


  • Performance and Accuracy - Pre-analyzed information ensures accurate and consistent end-user reports.
  • Data Refresh - Refreshed nightly and audited for accuracy.
  • End-User Oriented - Easy-to-use, Web-based graphical interface.
  • Ad Hoc Reporting - Drag and drop report development provides fast answers.
  • Reporting Tools - Utilize built-in filters, calculations, prompts, and other advanced reporting features.
  • Interactive Reporting - Authoring and queries are interactively developed, modified and enhanced.
  • Charts and Graphs - Various presentation methods promote rapid understanding.
  • Drill-Through - Dashboards provide a logical path from high-level summaries to iterative levels of detail.
  • Multiple Levels of Security - Ensuring only you have access to your data.
PI provides a comprehensive view of your credit card program, enabling users to analyze critical information to address your credit union's strategies for revenue growth, risk management and member relationships. With options for accessing your data, PI provides you alternative methods for analysis:
  • Visual Portfolio - A pre-defined view of your data. Determine strategic direction and optimize day-to-day operations with interactive visual insight into key performance indicators. You gain actionable insights—clear, relevant facts about your credit union that facilitate improved decision-making.
  • Interactive Portfolio - Conduct ad hoc analyses with drill-down capabilities for data mining. Gain significant insight into what's happening and why, providing you with the ability to make critical business decisions based on information down to the account and transaction level.


  • Web-based, optimized platform for reporting, drill-down and ad-hoc analysis
  • Three-tiered, PCI-compliant security model
  • Users to create and deliver, reducing IT development time and dependence
  • Historical data for forecasting and trend analysis
  • Geographic perspective on cardholder spend and behavior
  • Decision support activities platform with minimal impact on your operational environment
  • Scalable solution grows with your credit union
  • Follows industry best practice data warehouse methodologies
For more information, email analytics@cscu.net.

PI Express on TBS

PI Express allows users unlimited access to search, sort and filter more than 100 of the most relevant data fields related to your cardholder portfolio. Point-and-click functionality helps you create and customize tabulated results for your credit union. Searches can be saved for future use to generate reports from data within your cardholder portfolio and results can be exported with the click of a button.

PI Express is available to all TBS clients.

Powerful portfolio analysis for your debit and credit card portfolios.

Everything you need to know in order to grow your Pass-Through debit and credit card portfolios is within your transaction data, but evaluating that data can be challenging, expensive and time consuming. That's why FIS Debit Insights (DI) offers powerful portfolio analysis capabilities giving you the ability to analyze cardholder behavior and develop highly effective, targeted programs. This means more precise marketing, more confident decision making, and deeper insight into your portfolio.


DI works with your processing systems to reveal valuable information about cardholder usage and portfolio trends. The solution includes:
  • Dashboard Reporting - Through a dynamic dashboard, you can view and interact with transaction data to track, manage and report on the portfolio or BIN level. At the portfolio level, reporting can be consolidated for an organization issuing multiple BINs.
  • Enhanced Reporting - Segment your cardholder base, benchmark performance and "slice and dice" transaction data as needed with dynamic reporting and analysis capabilities. Enhanced reporting enables other business units to leverage the power of critical data in assisting them to run their day-to-day functions (i.e., fraud, operations and marketing, etc.)
  • Business Analytics - Your credit union gains the tools necessary to increase usage, create targeted marketing campaigns, track campaigns and incentive programs, measure results, analyze profitability, and determine the financial impact of future decisions.


  • Increase card usage and revenue streams
  • Realize true segmentation
  • Develop targeted campaigns
  • Analyze card profitability
  • Build intimacy and loyalty
  • Offer high-impact incentives
  • Profile behavior patterns
  • Identify at-risk customer segments
  • Increase retention rates

The following demo will provide you with a look inside DI and all it has to offer:

For more information, email analytics@cscu.net.

Capture your members' spending data and get a clear picture of their buying characteristics.

Capture data on every Visa® credit and debit card transaction your members make regardless of processor.

Good business decisions come from better information. VisaVue® Online (VVO) puts your latest transaction data and peer data from the world's largest retail electronic payments network* in your hands. Whether you need to acquire, retain, or upsell members, VVO gives you powerful insights on your card portfolio quickly and easily.

With every Visa credit or debit card transaction, your cardholders' spending data is captured regardless of processor, enabling you to create a picture of their buying characteristics. VVO puts this data to work so you can build your strategies on insights, not hunches.

* Based on payments volume, total volume, number of transactions and number of cards in circulation.


VVO balances deep insight with an easy-to-understand online interface. Access a library of pre-built reports with a click, customize them, or build your own from scratch. Pick the Level you need; upgrade or add new users as needs change.
  • Powerful Operational Reports - Monitor your performance in a variety of areas from Authorizations to Chargebacks to Fraud.
  • Critical Interchange Reports - See monthly net interchange revenue at a glance. Filter interchange by market segments, product type. Rate category. Compare your interchange data with corresponding data from your benchmark group.
  • Key Marketing Reports - Report your portfolio volume by Product, Market Segment, MCC, Top Merchants, Top eCommerce Merchants, Overall Volume Summary and Growth Rate.
  • Built-in Benchmark Reporting - Compare your performance to targeted similar issuer benchmarking groups.


With a variety of options for analyzing credit and debit cardholder usage, VVO provides valuable insight into your members' behaviors and trends.
  • Merchant Type - Know which market segments, merchant categories and merchants are performing for you.
  • Product - View performance of all your products in a single view or individually, based on your needs.
  • Product Type - Credit or debit; drill down to Prepaid, rewards programs, etc.
  • Spend Level - See at a glance which accounts spend more or less, compared to Visa peer info.
  • Performance vs. Peer - Benchmark your performance metrics against your peer competitors’.
  • Region - Break down usage by geography at a state, MSA or city level.
  • Transaction Type - Analyze the volume of sales transactions, as well as chargebacks and other transactions.
  • Time Period - Compare your numbers month-to-month, or year-over-year.
  • Interchange Fees - Track fees generated by each of your products, by merchant or payment category.
  • Transaction Locations - See the locations that are driving transactions by MSA, City, Store ID, ZIP, etc.
  • Cardholder Spending Zip - Identify groups of cardholders based upon their primary spending ZIP**
** VisaVue Online’s proprietary methodology allows users to cluster accounts by primary spending geography.

To learn more about how you can access the power of VVO, watch the interactive demo:

For more information, email analytics@cscu.net.