Nelson Christian "Chris" Stokes

4-Time Winter Olympian, Jamaica Bobsleigh Team & Founder and Executive Chairman, NCS Enterprises

Chris is a four-time Olympian who shepherded the fledging Jamaica Bobsleigh Team from their humorous debut in 1988 to being ranked 8th in the world at the 1994 Olympic Winter Games and setting track start records at the 2002 Games. He authored the book “Cool Runnings and Beyond – The Story of the Jamaica Bobsleigh Team”, and was the inspiration behind the Walt Disney film “Cool Runnings”.

Now an entrepreneur in Financial Services, you won’t want to miss his inspirational story of the early struggles, then ultimate triumph of the Jamaican bobsledders, and how he applies the lessons learned to his business dealings.

Key Takeaways

  1. How your environment influences you and why it shouldn’t matter.
  2. How to lead a team or organization to exceptional performance through vision and example.
  3. Creating competitive advantage through innovation.
  4. Why resourcefulness is more important than resources.