Insights from industry experts.

Industry analysis about EMV technology and its impact on card issuers.

Issuer Guide to EMV Migration • May 2013

As the payments industry plans for the U.S. EMV implementation, issuers are looking for support in understanding the key decisions when rolling out a program as well as the potential implications of those decisions.

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Smart Card Alliance Whitepaper • January 2013

Card payments roadmap in the U.S. How will EMV impact the future payments infrastructure?

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EMV: Background and Implications for Credit Unions • November 2012

From functionality and technology to reissuance strategies, we break it down to the basics and help you understand your options as you begin your planning process.

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EMV Essentials for U.S. Credit Unions • February 2012

A Mercator Advisory Group research brief sponsored by CSCU.

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