Enhancement products that strengthen relationships.

A solid card program is a relationship-building and cross-selling tool that can be used to acquire, strengthen and retain your member relationships. From penetration to activation to usage to retention, we have a program for every step of your card strategy.

You know your members and the services they expect. Trust us for the card enhancements that help you strengthen those member relationships and build loyalty.

Convenience Checks

Communication is key to building and maintaining relationships. With our convenience check programs, it's easy to tell your cardholders about the benefits of your card. Our programs also give cardholders every opportunity to access their line of credit.
  • LetterChecks - Based on your qualifying parameters, we send your cardholders a package that includes three ready-to-write checks and a themed, personalized letter announcing any targeted message you would like to communicate.
  • CheckBooks - Provide members an easy way to access home equity, other lines of credit and non-card accounts.
  • StatementChecks - Provides excellent repeat exposure with a convenience check attached to your cardholders' statements.

Marketing Materials

As a credit card issuer, you know the importance of credit card applications. That's why we offer applications with professionally designed marketing themes that can be matched up with other marketing tools such as lobby posters, take-one stands, table tent displays, employee lapel buttons and statement inserts. We can also give you a free quote on your custom pieces.

Just tell us what you're looking for, and we'll give you a competitive cost. A compliance department tracks regulatory changes, so you can feel comfortable knowing your applications meet disclosure requirements. We make it easy to market your credit card program.


From travel and security services to shopping and healthcare discounts, this program consistently drives in more transactions, larger transaction amounts and higher finance charges than non-Advantage portfolios. Advantage is available in three tiers to suit your credit union’s needs.


CardCentives motivates card usage. When you add any of the three CardCentives packages—Prime, Privilege or Premium—to your credit or debit card program, you'll experience increased loyalty and retention. CardCentives provides valuable member-pleasing features such as $1,000 identity theft insurance, extended warranty, personal shopper and more.

Credit Insurance

Life happens. Unexpected changes such as unemployment, disability, family leave or a death in the family can make it difficult and sometimes impossible for a cardholder to maintain good credit. With our Credit Insurance program, you can build relationships with your cardholders, increase revenues and lessen the chance of charging off loans due to unexpected and unplanned life events.

Extended Warranty, 90-Day Product Protection and Price Guarantee

Provide peace of mind and promote loyalty to your card with three consumer-pleasing enhancement programs that provide valuable insurance against early breakage, loss, theft or price reductions for the purchases cardholders make with your credit or debit card.

Travel Accident Insurance

Frequent travelers appreciate this valuable insurance benefit. As cardholders use your credit or debit card to purchase their entire travel fare, this enhancement provides them with up to $1 million of protection that automatically covers any common carrier accident anywhere in the world. It's worthwhile to everyone who travels, whether they are frequent-flyer business professionals or occasional leisure travelers.

Value-Added Checking

Value-Added Checking customizes your checking account program with a significant roster of worthwhile benefits, such as payment card registration; extended warranty; personal shopper; travel reservation services; vision discounts and much, much more. Not only will your checking account members enjoy this value-packed program, but you also will appreciate the added fee income for your credit union's checking account programs.

For more information, email products@cscu.net.

Additional Enhancements