CSCU Study Shows Robust Credit Card Program is Credit Unions' Key to Improving Bottom Line and Enhancing Member Relationships

Tampa, Fla. (October 25, 2012) – Card Services for Credit Unions (CSCU) released research that shows a well-designed and comprehensive credit card program drives added value and strengthens a credit unions relationship with its members while staying competitive in the marketplace. 

CSCU’s research shows the average credit card penetration rate for credit unions is currently below 15%, indicating an opportunity to reach an additional 85% of its membership.  In order to compete effectively and increase penetration, credit unions must develop a strategy that makes the card attractive to members by offering interest rates and reward programs that are comparable to what banks and other credit unions offer.  

“The bottom line is credit cards with strong reward programs are what credit union members and bank customers want,” says Barney Moore, senior portfolio consultant for CSCU.  “Credit unions have a great opportunity to promote credit card programs much more prominently, similar to large card issuers, by leveraging online presence and creating attractive and dynamic promotion of credit cards on their websites.”

CSCU’s complimentary portfolio consultants assist credit unions with execution of effective strategies and tactics to drive increased penetration, activation and usage of the credit cards they issue – the keys to competing with banks, improving their bottom line and enhancing member relationships.

“Return on assets, fee income, interest income and overall profitability are all higher for credit unions that have a credit card program, compared to those that do not,” added Moore. “Credit cards are a very effective way to improve the loan/share ratio.”

To read the complete study, “A Credit Card Program Can Be a Credit Union’s Highest-Earning Asset”, visit

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