Credit Unions Experience Unmatched Savings with CSCU's Premium Enhancement Bundle

TAMPA, FL (August 8, 2012) – Card Services for Credit Unions (CSCU) is currently offering unprecedented discounts for a limited time with their Premium Enhancement Bundle. The Premium Enhancement Bundle is an effective, cost-savings program allowing credit unions to take advantage of products that support every step of the cardholder life cycle – acquisition, activation, usage and retention. The card enhancements are built to work together, and right now, offer additional savings when credit unions add two or more.

“The combined use of ScoreCard, ProDirect and FastTrack have helped maintain a strong credit and debit card program and have prompted positive feedback,” said Tony Quinn of CP Federal Credit Union in Jackson, MI.

CSCU provides savings on the following enhancements when packaged together:

ScoreCard® - Market-leading credit and debit card rewards program designed to increase transactions, market share and profitability.

ProDirect® - Cost-effective, professional turnkey card solicitation program offers an easy way to acquire new cardholders.

Readi-Review Plus™ - Thoroughly analyze each cardholder’s financial history and anticipate future patterns.

LetterChecksSM – Convenience check program designed to give cardholders every opportunity to access their line of credit.

FastTrack™ - Compelling, incentive-based program improves your credit union’s ability to activate non-activated and dormant credit and debit cards.

For a limited time, credit unions can save up to 30% when bundling CSCU’s card enhancements together. With a robust card program, credit unions can boost accounts, increase usage and promote loyalty. A card program strengthened by proven enhancements enables relationship-building and cross-selling while credit unions better serve their members. Visit for more information

Created and owned by created unions, CSCU knows what is needed for growth. CSCU’s experience within the industry allows it to offer proven products and services tailored for credit unions that benefit their members. With a competitive card portfolio, credit unions stand out in the marketplace and bring value-added enhancements to their members.

About CSCU
CSCU is the credit union industry’s advocate, partner and leader in total payment solutions. Created by and for credit unions, we are driven by the same principles that guide the industry. We work exclusively with credit unions to provide a customized, holistic offering that maximizes value for both credit unions and their members. CSCU’s services and offerings are focused on driving the growth and success of our nearly 3,000 member credit unions.