Card Services for Credit Unions® 2017 ANNUAL CONFERENCE, APRIL 4-7 IN ORLANDO.


TAMPA, Fla. (January 13, 2017) Card Services for Credit Unions®, one of the country’s leading CUSOs, announced the theme and featured presenters for the Card Services for Credit Unions® 2017 Annual Conference.This year’s conference will focus on the future of payments and will provide the insights and direction that credit unions need to be ready for the many technological advancements coming soon that will impact their institutions and their relationships with members.

“Card Services for Credit Unions® has held an annual meeting for more than 25 years and for the first 20 of those, the payments industry did not change that much,” says Card Services for Credit Unions® president, Bob Hackney. “During the past five years the industry has been inundated by countless new technological innovations changing the way members pay for their products and services and connect with their financial institution.The payments landscape is rapidly evolving and can be interesting to look at, but it also has created a lot of confusion so we designed our 2017 conference to address how the changes today and in the future will impact credit unions.”

According to Antonio Hill, Card Services for Credit Unions® vice president of marketing, the conference will host well-known speakers with presentations and breakout sessions tailored to the future of payments. “By the time the conference has ended, attendees will gain a clear understanding about what payments innovations and marketing opportunities are on the horizon and what they need to be doing today to prepare,” Hill explains.“The content is so crucial and timely that we expect a full-house this year.No credit union leader should miss the opportunity to attend, participate and learn.”

Featured as a 2017 keynote speaker is Jason Dorsey, a leading generational marketing expert. Dorsey presented at Card Services for Credit Unions® 2016 conference and provided an in-depth discussion on Millennials and their view of Financial Services. For 2017 he returns by popular demand armed with new research on Generation Z. Very soon, Dorsey predicts, Gen Z will become members and employees and his insights will help credit unions prepare to build better relationships with them.

In addition to Dorsey, Loren Hudziak from Google will provide a look at how technology will impact the future of payments while demystifying much of what we think we know about Google. Hudziak is a solutions architect with 20 years of IT industry experience. Formally trained as a programmer, he gradually shifted to business intelligence and analytics solutions. According to Hudziak, as the fastest, most powerful, highest quality computing infrastructure on the planet, Google is “building a platform for life”. He will help answer how credit unions can capitalize on this powerful tool.

The Card Services for Credit Unions® 2017 Annual Conference will be held April 4-7, 2017 at the Royal Pacific Resort at Universal Orlando, Florida. To learn more and/or to register to attend, please visit


About Card Services for Credit Unions®:

With 2000 members, CSSU is one of the largest credit union services organizations (CUSOs) in the United States. Approximately 40% of the nation’s credit unions rely on Card Services for Credit Unions® to provide consultation, thought leadership, products and services that enable credit unions to compete in the rapidly evolving payments industry.Card Services for Credit Unions® partnership with its members keeps their card programs among their institution’s highest return on assets.

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