CSCU Offers Member Credit Unions Valuable Credit and Debit Transaction Data as a Discount Provider of VisaVue® Online

TAMPA, Fla. (March 8, 2013) Card Services for Credit Unions (CSCU) is offering members the ability to capture data on every Visa credit and debit card transaction made with VisaVue® Online(VVO).  The web-based tool offers a variety of options for analyzing credit and debit cardholder usage, providing valuable insight into members' spending trends and leading to more effective marketing strategies and increased profitability.

“VVO is a powerful portfolio management tool that allows a credit union to be more proficient and successful with their marketing campaigns. By using VVO, our credit unions can easily segment and target different cardholder behaviors with an appropriate marketing message that incents a change in behavior,” said Kristi Mackey, AVP of Client Services and Product, CSCU.  “Ultimately, VVO helps a credit union be more effective in their efforts to drive increased usage, volume and interchange revenue.”

VisaVue® Online supplies detailed transaction data regardless of processor in several categories, including: transaction type, interchange fees, product and merchant type.  VVO is available with five levels of portfolio performance data based on a credit union’s budget and needs.  CSCU members receive discounted pricing on VVO and can upgrade the level as needs change. 

“The ability to data mine our cardholder portfolio lets us more effectively target our marketing campaigns to drive up transactions, which in turn increases interchange fee income,” said Linda Sojat, VP Payment Systems, Envision Credit Union, Tallahassee, Fla.  “VVO is the only tool of its kind that supplies access to debit card data, so it absolutely gives us an easy way to identify potential areas of profitability to help combat Durbin.”

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