CSCU White Paper: Member Segmentation Improves Your Bottom Line

TAMPA, Fla. (January 28, 2013) – Credit union members have assorted needs for products and services, so Portfolio Consulting Services (PCS) from Card Services for Credit Unions (CSCU) explains the value of member segmentation in its latest white paper.  The process allows credit unions to divide the membership base into meaningful groups in order to create customized marketing strategies geared to members who have the most to gain from various offerings.

“Member Segmentation Improves Your Bottom Line,” by CSCU, describes member segmentation as a way to generate increased revenue and yield a greater return on marketing efforts, while improving overall member satisfaction and loyalty.

“Segmentation allows you to spend valuable marketing dollars on campaigns that target those members and cardholders who are most likely to respond, which greatly improves your marketing ROI,” says Barney Moore, Senior Portfolio Consultant with CSCU. “Improved revenues aside, segmentation is simply a better way to understand the needs of members in general and add value to their member experience.”

With a combination of the right analytics tools, thoughtful evaluation of the results and solid PAU strategies, credit unions can execute more effective targeting and overall growth.

“It’s a good exercise for better understanding the make-up of your portfolio and managing it more effectively. The key is not treating all accounts the same way,” adds Barney.

Credit Unions can learn more about CSCU’s segmentation tools as well as download CSCU’s white paper at


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