Credit Unions that Consult with CSCU Show More than Double Revenue Growth from Card Portfolios

TAMPA, Fla. (December 21, 2012) – Credit unions who take advantage of Portfolio Consulting Services (PCS) from Card Services for Credit Unions (CSCU) experience greater success than non-consulted credit unions, including an average of 2.3 times greater revenue growth from their card portfolios.  PCS is a benefit all member credit unions receive in which portfolio experts provide strategic planning services to help credit unions build their card portfolios, strengthen their relationships and improve their bottom lines.
“PCS gives credit unions access to consultants with first-hand experience managing a card program, who can offer expert guidance in developing a competitive, successful growth strategy that's tailored to the credit union,” said Bill Lehman, Vice President of CSCU’s Portfolio Consulting Services.

PCS’s industry experts help credit unions monitor and manage debit and credit card programs’ successes while recommending strategic plans to maximize credit unions’ revenues.  Credit unions that work with CSCU’s portfolio consultants experience average growth rates greater than non-consulted credit unions, including:
2.3 x greater revenue growth
3.6 x greater transaction growth yielding an increase in interchange revenue
1.8 x greater outstanding growth improving finance charge revenue

“PCS opened my eyes to how much revenue our credit card program generates for the credit union as a major contributor to our net income,” says Christi Garrett, Loan Officer / Visa Coordinator, United Southeast Federal Credit Union. 

Karen Introcaso, VP of Lending at UNCLE Credit Union, added, “PCS helped me get a handle on our program, how we can make it grow and how to be creative with our marketing efforts.”

CSCU’s Portfolio Consulting Services is complimentary to members. To learn more, visit

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